How DOC In a box Can Save Your Company Money on Healthcare for Employees

Every employer’s top priority should be the health of their employees. Investing in good health care means fewer sick days, higher productivity, and a happier workforce. However, some companies struggle to choose a health plan that’s affordable for everyone and still effective.

The information age is opening more doors to new health care options. According to the Large Employers’ 2018 Health Care Strategy and Plan Design Survey, 96% of companies will offer virtual doctor consultation services as part of their plan.

Here’s how telehealth services, and DOC in a box in particular, can save your company money on health care.

1. Prepaid Monthly Online Consultations

DOC in a box offers prepaid monthly online medical consultations for employees throughout the year. This means that all staff members have open access to an online doctor consultation when needed. Rather than pay a fee for each virtual visit, your company pays a flat monthly rate for a certain number of consultations. Any unused consultations roll over to the next month.

This will allow you to better plan your annual expenses when writing expense reports. Plus, your employees won’t have to worry about how their number of visits will affect their plan or payments. They can speak with a board-certified medical professional whenever they need to, within this range.

2. Quick, Convenient Access

With DOC in a box, it takes less than ten minutes to talk to a doctor online. Employees won’t have to endure long wait times or fill out extensive paperwork each time they speak with a provider. This means less time away from work and increased productivity. This saves your company money throughout the year.

Additionally, this open, easy access encourages employees to seek medical help even for minor concerns. Sometimes the hassle of going to see a doctor keeps employees from tending to their well-being. The convenience of telehealth services provides an easy opportunity for patients to speak with a doctor on their time, even just to gain some peace of mind on an off day.

3. Over 30 Diseases Treated

While DOC in a box simply can’t take care of emergencies, we treat a wide range of conditions and symptoms, including sore throat, nausea, common cold, flu, ear aches, UTIs, rashes, and more.

If your employees experience any of these symptoms, they can reach out to their online doctor and receive advice, treatment, and a prescription delivered to their preferred pharmacy.

DOC in a box even offers lab testing for certain symptoms so your people get properly diagnosed.

With so many companies on their way to utilizing telehealth services, it’s clear that this technology is the way of the future. Every employer should consider hopping on this bandwagon.

With convenient access to virtual doctor visits that cover more than 30 diseases, there’s no reason not to implement DOC in a box in your company’s health care plan. Your employees will be healthier, happier, and more productive. And in the end, you’ll save money.

To learn more about how DOC in a box can help your company and its people save money on healthcare, fill out your name and company email address to get started.

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