Caring for a Senior Family Member Can Require Some Backup - How to Use a Virtual Care Provider to Reduce Travel and Waiting Room Time

Our parents and grandparents raise us and take care of us as we grow up. And then one day, the scales tip. You can now take care of yourself, but suddenly they may need your assistance. No one looks forward to this.

Caring for a senior family member can be emotionally and physically draining. You have to sacrifice some of your own obligations and leisure time to ensure they get the attention they need. You may find yourself frequently driving to and from doctor’s offices, assisted living centers, and pharmacies. Fortunately, you can ease the burden on yourself and your loved one with virtual doctor consultation services.

How Online Doctor Services Can Help You Take Care of Your Senior Family Member

Your loved one may need more or less attention depending on their overall well-being. Assisted living homes often have nurses and doctors on hand take care of their residents in case of emergency or to administer medicine. However, your loved one may still live at home or with you. If this is the case, their only access to a doctor would be at a primary or urgent care facility.

Today, this is no longer the case.

While transportation is still necessary to see a doctor in person, it’s not needed to talk to a doctor online. Virtual doctor consultations take the difficulty and burden out of getting from point A to point B and back again. An online doctor is like any other board-certified medical professional. The only difference is that you speak to them over the internet, either via phone or video chat.

The doctors at DOC in a box will examine your symptoms, ask important questions, diagnose your problem, and write you a prescription if it’s called for. In other words, your loved one can always have access to a doctor no matter where they live or how far they might be from an office.

Why Bother With Wait Times?

Relieving the burden of transportation is huge, but so is eliminating wait times. Most health care centers require moderate to lengthy wait times before you can see a doctor. There are often lines and loads of paperwork every visit. Additionally, most waiting rooms are filled with other sick people, posing a risk to the health of you and your senior family member.

Receiving an online doctor consultation gets rid of all these barriers. Signing up with DOC in a box takes only a few minutes, and once you do you can speak to one of our providers in less than ten minutes. The whole process is infinitely easier and less time consuming than venturing to a doctor’s office. Of course, there are times when you’ll want to take your family member to see a doctor in person. But for minor concerns and questions, you can rely on DOC in a box to be there and help.

You want the best for your senior family member, but you know you can’t always be on call. Lucky for you, DOC in a box is. Follow this link to get started!

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